T R A V E R S E 
           D O C K S I D E
                        M A R I N E

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Boat Deliveries

  Captain Terry Kiersey, owner of Traverse Dockside Marine,  has a United States Coast Guard Merchant Marine Officer License.

    Terry has endorsements for operating Steam powered,  Motor and Sail powered vessels,  and is licensed to provide Commercial Assistance Marine Towing.

  Also available to Traverse Dockside Marine are four additional Captains, all Licensed and qualified to provide professional Captain services for your vessel delivery needs. 

  Several First Mates or deck hands are available throughout the year for assistance in boat deliveries.

  • Boat delivery fees consist of crew and captain per day rates
  • Travel expence for the crew and captain to and from the vessel
  • Actual vessel operating expences for the duration of the trip:  Fuel and Oil, Cleaning supplies, Food for the crew, slip and passage fees, canal permits and bridge tolls, vehicle rental or taxi fares. 

Traverse Dockside Marine has been delivering boats on their own bottom since 1995,  all over the Great Lakes Region, through the Erie Canal, Hudson river, the mighty Mississippi River and all of the Intercoastal waterway.

  all points:  from Canada to Key West, and from Texas to the Bahamas. 

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